November 20, 2017

AF/ TF "Pastel Goth Sweatshirts" PACK 2 + 5 Hair recolors

After a year of craziness, I finally had time for update the blog...

So sorry for the wait! 

Hope you all like my new sweatshirts pack - and as some of you had request - some of my hair retextures in my favourite colour 

(All meshes included)

September 27, 2016

Working on new stuff, but...

First of all,
THANK YOU to everyone that enjoy my creations! !
I'm so happy ^-^

I'm working on new stuff!
I don't have too much time with my work but I'm trying to make some new pastel sweaters and some beautifull hair recolours to share *-*

Sadly my game is not working correctly. I try to enter in the game but gets closed everytime. Only one photo got saved. So hope everyone can wait and forgive me :(

August 10, 2016

AF "PASTEL goth sweatshirts" PACK 1

sims 2 downloads pastel goth sweatshirts

Wooooo NEW download! 
I hope you like it :)


(Mesh included)


August 9, 2016

Everything updated

I hope everything works now!
I've put an alternative link to download at MediaFire so everyone can enjoy it *-*
I have a terrible english so I will not try to talk too much...
Please if there's some problem with the new links just let me know
Thank you! ^^

August 1, 2016

AF "Oh my pastel goth!" PACK 1 sims 2

women sims 2 download complete outfit, hair and accessories

My fav download of all 
Hope you all enjoy it ;)

(Meshes included)