September 27, 2016

Working on new stuff, but...

First of all,
THANK YOU to everyone that enjoy my creations! !
I'm so happy ^-^

I'm working on new stuff!
I don't have too much time with my work but I'm trying to make some new pastel sweaters and some beautifull hair recolours to share *-*

Sadly my game is not working correctly. I try to enter in the game but gets closed everytime. Only one photo got saved. So hope everyone can wait and forgive me :(

August 10, 2016

AF "PASTEL goth sweatshirts" PACK 1

sims 2 downloads pastel goth sweatshirts

Wooooo NEW download! 
I hope you like it :)



(Mesh included)


August 9, 2016

Everything updated

I hope everything works now!
I've put an alternative link to download at MediaFire so everyone can enjoy it *-*
I have a terrible english so I will not try to talk too much...
Please if there's some problem with the new links just let me know
Thank you! ^^